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Health Ministries Launch

Elaine Chung has a deep interest in healthy living.  In fact, she has been dedicating her life to learning more about cardiac health, vegetarian cooking and exercise. Elaine was interviewed during the service about her desire to start a new health ministry at Oakridge.  “I want to start small, in increments,” she explained.  Her goal […]

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Prayer Walk Around the Neighbourhood

How would our community transform if we began to seriously pray for our neighbours.   What if we knocked on doors and told our neighbours we were taking down prayer requests and offering prayer for any person in need? Would you join me on April 26, as we walk around the neighbourhood, praying for the […]

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Are you ready to take the plunge?

Have you wondered what is a baptism? What is involved? Why should I be baptized? Is it important?  Getting baptized means you are making Jesus the leader of your life.  You are going public with your faith, saying you are not embarrassed or going to hide your love of God. Do you want to take […]

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